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As one of Southern Colorado’s MOST EXPERIENCED AND RESPECTED personal injury law firms, Melat, Pressman & Higbie, LLP has established a track record of success FOR clients who have been injured or lost loved ones due to the wrongful CONDUCT of others. Since 1982, our lawyers have successfully RECOVERED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THROUGH SETTLEMENTS AND TRIALS. If you or someone close to you has been harmed due to the fault of another, contact Melat, Pressman & Higbie, LLP today for a free consultation.

Six figure total settlements for women who contracted Hepatitis A from contaminated food.

Contaminated Foods

$2 million settlement for chemical burn caused by drain cleaner. Six figure settlement from household product manufacturer for woman who inhaled toxic fumes

Defective Products

Six figure settlement for child was bitten in face by vicious dog. Large settlement for healthcare professional bitten in hand by family member’s dog.

Dog Bites

Settlements of 3/4 of million dollars for young man injured in car accident caused by drunk driver. Large six-figure settlement for woman injured drunk boating accident.

Drunk Drivers

$300,000 recovery following jury trial against client’s own insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits. Policy limits settlement from client’s own insurance company for woman who was re-injured in a car accident.

Insurance claims

Six-figure settlement for man who suffered hip fracture in motor vehicle crash. $500,000 settlements for man who underwent shoulder and back surgeries after rear-end motor vehicle crash. Large six figure settlement driver and passenger of motorcycle struck when pickup truck pulled out in front of motorcycle. Nearly $500,000 settlement for passenger in pickup truck rear-ended

Motor Vehicle Crashes

$300,000 settlement for woman who slips on ice in apartment building parking lot. Large settlement for child who falls on unprotected rebar and loses sight in one eye. $880,000 judgment after favorable jury verdict for woman’s injuries caused by faulty staircase at shopping center. $850,000 judgment after jury verdict against city utility company for 17-year

Premises liability

Six figure settlement from pharmacy which misfilled prescription. $15 Million jury award in medical malpractice case against emergency room physician. $1 Million dollar settlement in medical malpractice case against doctor for failing to timely diagnose the brain tumor in 10 year old girl.

Professional Negligence

$500,000 settlement for wrongful death of 16 year old girl killed by drunk driver.

Wrongful Deaths