Insurance Bad Faith & Coverage Disputes

Attorneys of Melat, Pressman & Higbie, LLP have dealt with insurance companies operating in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and the entire southern Colorado region for many years. We know how the insurance industry operates and are ready to represent our clients in coverage disputes with their insurance company, including litigation of claims for insurance bad faith. The partners of our firm have experience representing insurance companies which helps us understand what motivates them and how they operate. For the past 30 years we only represent individuals in claims against insurance companies.

Insurance Bad Faith, what is that?

Every insurance contract implies that all parties will act in good faith and deal fairly. If an insurance company delays or denies claims and benefits, it may be liable to the policyholder for insurance bad faith. Insurance bad faith can occur in several ways. There are times when it is reasonable for an insurance company to determine coverage under an insured’s policy and evaluate a particular claim. But it is unreasonable for a company to cause an unnecessary delay in processing a claim, attempt to settle a claim for less than it’s worth, or to deny a claim when it is covered under the insurance policy. When an insurance company acts in bad faith, it may be held accountable for the damages and harm caused.

Attorneys on Your Side when the Insurance Company Isn’t

Insurance bad faith can occur with any type of claim, including; Auto, Home, Fire, and more. Determining Insurance Bad Faith requires investigation into the company’s motives, and customary practice in the insurance industry. Based on our years of experience, we have the ability to handle a bad faith insurance case regardless of the type of insurance. If you feel that you are being unfairly denied coverage of a claim or being mistreated by your insurance company, contact Melat, Pressman & Higbie, LLP for a free consultation today. 800-397-3970